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We believe in constructing growth-oriented and high-quality strategies that meet seven allocation risk models from all fixed income to all equity.  These strategies can be conservative, moderate, or aggressive.  As planning-based financial advisors, we will offer services and products designed to help your reach your goals.  Using the cost-benefit analysis, we will use products designed to maximize your returns while minimizing your costs.  

While most of our accounts are fee-based through advisory services, we also serve clients who prefer to remain transactional through brokerage services.  Information on the differences in these services, including costs, is available in Stifel’s Form CRS.  We pride ourselves on employing a simple and easy-to-understand fee structure.  You have a right to know exactly what you are paying and how it is computed.

Types of Services and Costs

Where we reasonably believe it to be in a client's best interests, we recommend:

Advisory Services
For more details, including costs, please refer to Stifel's Form ADV Part 2A Wrap Disclosure Brochure, for detailed information about the fees and expenses that clients incur in connection with Stifel's investment advisory programs and to Stifel's Form CRS.
  AdvisoryNon-Advisory Products (Brokerage Services)
Fore more details, including costs, please refer to Stifel's Relationship Guide and to Stifel's Form CRS.